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LED Magician v2.0

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The Simplest Way to Add Blinking / Chasing / Fading Effects to your LED Projects!
No Programming! No Complicated Setup!

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The Simplest Way to Add Blinking / Chasing / Fading Effects to your LED Projects!
No Programming! No Complicated Setup!
We are proud to carry  Special Effects Magic’s LATEST and hottest selling product! The LED Magician is an LED running light generator that is easy to install and use. 
It’s tiny form factor and design is ideal for all LED related installations such as costumes, movie or stage props, RC Airplanes, RC Cars, Multi-Copters, RC Helicopters, Model Railroading, robotics or even lighting mods for your car or bike! Add lights to your Cosplay. 
This is the product that adds blinking/fading/chasing sequences to your otherwise boring LED lights! works with any 4.5v – 28v lightings. With up to 500mA output across each of its 12 Channels, you can install up to 50 LEDs per channel or 100 LEDs per channel at 5mA each. It is also ideal in driving LED Strips! 32 Pre-programmed blinking/chasing/fading/running modes with 8 variable speeds are controlled by 4 buttons on the circuit board. It also features 12 indicator LEDs that shows a preview of the current running sequence and a smart microchip that “remembers” your last settings even after power-offs.
 The LED Magician is simple-to-use yet packed with advance features that will appeal to the absolute beginners as well as the professionals.
No programming, no complicated setups!
  For the absolute beginners, if you know how to use a soldering iron, you can start using the LED Magician! To put it simply, whatever power you use to supply to your LEDs, connect the power supply to the LED Magician, it distributes the power across 12 channels, adding selectable blinking sequences to them!

Ideal for LED Costumes, LED Signage, Movie/Stage Props, Lightings for Cars/Bikes, RC Planes/Cars/Heli/Quadcopters/Multi-copters , Model Railroading, or Robotics Projects!

For Makers from a Maker:
LED Magician
Includes simple instructions for the complete novice, as well as detailed information for the advance users. Including controlling of the light sequences with a micro-controller.
  •   Simplest way to add blinking / chasing / fading effects to your LED lightings!
  •   12 output channels!
  •   Input Voltage = Output Voltage
  •   Outputs of up to 500mA per channel!
  •   No Programming or any software required!
  •   32 Pre-programmed sequences, including blinking, chasing, fading effects & more!
  •   Includes a sequence that cycles through all 32 sequences!
  •   8 variable speeds!
  •   Control via 4 buttons on-board the module!
  •   Options to wire-out the controls, or control using a micro-controller! (eg. Arduino etc.)
  •   Accepts a wide range of voltages ranging from 4.5v to 28v!
  •   Low power consumption!
  •   Indicator LEDs on-board shows a preview of the current sequence!
  •   Small footprint ideal for LED costumes, LED Signages, Auto, RC or Robotic Projects!
  •   100% Surface-Mount Components
  •   “Remembers” your last setting even after power-off via non-volatile EEPROM chip
  •   Selectable input/output voltage range
  •   Dedicated output ports with common anode (Positive +)
  •   Application expands beyond LEDs, use it to control motors, switches, relays etc.
  •   Use it to drive relays for higher currents!


Technical Specifications
Model no.: LED Magician Version 2
Weight: 9g (0.32oz)
Size (Dimension): 65mm(Length) x 40mm(Width) x 6mm(Max. Height)
Working Voltage: DC 4.5V (max 4.5 v)   OR 8- 28V (Min. 3V, Max. 30V)

NOTE: 4.5v IS A STRICT LIMIT If you choose the 4.5v volt option. 4.6v or higher will blow the board. 
If you want a higher voltage, choose the 8-28v option on the board. We CAN NOT accept any returns once board has been soldered. 
Output Channels: 12 Channels
Output Voltage: </= Input Voltage
Output Current: Max 6A (500mA per channel)
Modes: 32 pre-programmed sequences, 8 variable speeds
Type: Common Anode
Controls: Via 4 x onboard push-buttons / TTL High/Low (via control output pins)
Power Consumption: Quiescent current – 6mA, With all indicator LEDs on -12mA
Working Temperature: -10 to 50°C
Indicator LEDs: 12 x BLUE SMD LED

LED Magician Manual:

We are shipping the latest V2.0.1 wiht the following improvements:

1. Brighter LEDs (REALLY BRIGHT!)
3. Resistors added to each LED to prevent accidental burnouts
4. All pins now aligned to form two parallel rows at the edge of the board (Allow wires to protrude from a single direction when mounted )
5. Preview LEDs now spreads evenly across the board
6. Other minor circuit improvements

LED MAgician 2.0.1

RETURN POLICY: All boards are tested at the factory. This is a DIY component, once you solder to the board, sorry we can not accept a return. If you have an issue or a questions we are reasonable people – and hope you are too. Email us and we can help you.  Thank you.

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