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The Brain Board
Brain Board Parts

Pi Pals: Brain Board

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An easy to build ATtiny Board that you can use for all your fun projects.

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Product Description

NOTE – this product is for the Brain Board only.

The Brain Board

The Brain Board is an ATTINY85 microcontroller board you build yourself and has a USB interface and uses the familiar Arduino IDE to program. Plug Buzz into the Brain Board, connect it to your computer, and program away. The Brain board also has built in touch and light sensors that adds interactivity to your Pi Pal. When not connected to USB it can work off a single coin-cell battery. 

  • NOTE: Brain board works on USB Power ONLY – We have eliminated Coin Cell as it was not powerful to sustain operation.


The Brain Board is Open Source Hardware and we are committed to sharing it’s design with the Open Hardware Community.

The Brain Board has a header, just like you on an Arduino that you can plug Buzz, or any Pi Pal, right into.  The ATTIny85 comes pre-loaded with the Micronucleus Bootloader which is designed for AVR ATtiny microcontrollers. This bootloader allows the Brain Board to be programmed just like you would an Arduino board.

The Brain Board comes as a kit and in a few minutes you can solder it together and start programming. It is an excellent skill builder and a next step after building your Pi Pal.

Buzz with Brain Board

Buzz with Brain Board

Brain Board Includes: 

  • Brain Board Kit:  PCB, AtTiny85, IC Socket, Battery Clip, CR2032 Battery, Photo Transistor,  DPDT Slide Switch, 10 uf Cap, .1uf Cap, 5MM Led, USB Connector, 1n4001 Diode, (2) 3.6v Zener Diode, 1.5k Resistor, (3) 220 Ohm Resistor
Brain Board Parts

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