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LED Chutie Bottle Rocket Fireworks

Soda Bottle Rocket LED Chuties Pack


Make your own LED Soda Bottle Fireworks with this kit. If you want to build more rockets with a class or group, save with the educators pack.

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Product Description

LED Chuties are the aerial version of the LED Throwie. Chuties combine a 3-volt coin-cell battery, a LED, and a parachute. Launch in the air and enjoy. Indoor, outdoors. Chuties are fun everywhere. Combine Chuties with the included ping-pong balls or large straws to make stars that you can launch with soda bottle rockets. Make your own Soda Bottle Rocket Fireworks.

Build Instructions:
If you are only making Chuties, just go to step 6.

Simple. Fun.  This pack has enough components for one rocket.
If you want to build 6 or more rockets, save with the  educators pack.

The rocket pack contains:
(4) 10mm LEDs – assorted colors
(4) 3v 2032 Coin-cell Batteries
(4) ping-pong balls
(4) Parachutes
(8 feet) String
(2) Light Tubes (plastic straws)


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