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PixelBits LED Version 1 – 8mm RGB LEDs WS2811 – Discontinued


These LEDs have an internal chips to control their brightness and color. You can place many LEDs in a long daisychain and send them serial communication to individually control each LED.

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Product Description

These have been replaced with v2 of the PixelBits.
NOTE: These are version 1 of the PixelBits and have different mechanical dimensions and pinouts then the current v2 PixelBits

Current vs PixelBits in 5mm or 8mm Packs

These are the first through hole RGB LEDs with an internal WS2811 chip for serial communication. These LEDs are inspired from the Neo Pixel concept and use the same libraries for control. These LEDs can be wired on a bus without any additional components such as resistors or chips and each LED can be individually controlled on the bus.

This pack contains thirteen (13) 8mm  PixelBits

Key Features:

-WS2811 Chip built In to the LED for serial control
-Individually control RGB color and brightness of each LED
-Diffused design makes colors soft, pleasing and uniform
-Fast and Responsive
– Easy to hook up with only four pin design: Positive, Negative, Data-In, Data-Out
-The four pins dissipate heat to keep these LEDs cool
-No external resistors or chips needed
-Works with the WS2811 Neo Pixel libraries – use with an Arduino, AT-Tiny, Spark-Core, etc

Link to Libraries:
-Spark Core Libraries:
-Ada Fruit Neo Pixel libraries:
-Light weight Library:

Technical Specs: ws2811 PDF









Additional Information

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Dimensions6 x 3.5 x .5 in