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Specials for RC Sport Flyer Readers

Welcome RC Sport Flyer Readers. We have put together some items for you that are perfect for lighting up the night sky with your aircraft.

Add cool patterns of LED color to your airplane, heli, or multicopter. The LED Magician – the simplest way to add chasing, blinking, fading LED effects to your RC Aircarft!

ledmagic2 ledmagic1


The Simplest Way to Add Blinking / Chasing / Fading Effects to your LED Projects!
No Programming! No Complicated Setup! The LED Magician is an LED running light generator that is easy to install and use.  It’s tiny form factor and design is ideal for all LED related installations in RC Airplanes, RC Cars, Multi-Copters, RC Helicopters, Model Railroading, robotics or even lighting mods for your car or bike!

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PixelBits – SMART LEDS

LEDs are cool. PixelBit LEDs with a “brain” are awesome! Each of our PixelBits have a WS2812/12b/11 compatible chip inside of them which allows the LED to be individually controlled. By mixing the Red Green and Blue diodes inside the LED and by controlling the brightness you have thousands upon thousand of colors available to you. Each LED has a Positive, a Negative, a Data In and a Data Out. These LEDs are not controlled by the LED Magician, instead you use a microcontroller such as an Arduino, ATTiny, or a DigiSpark to control them. In the product page we have links to sample code libraries for you to use. Need a lot of PixelBits? We have packs of 100 available.

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