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Simple Long Stem E-Feltie Flower

materials needed

You can create this flower with relative ease and some common craft items.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 small felt flower
  • 1 large felt flower
  • 1 5mm LED
  • 1 chenille stem
  • 1 coin cell battery
  • 2 green round labels


First, line up the flower in a configuration you like.  Then take the first flower and GENTLY work the LED leads through the felt.  Repeat with the second flower.


You can also use a needle or a sharp implement to pierce holes in the felt so that you can easily slide the leads through without fear of damaging the LED.  I happen to be using a paper quilling tool.  It comes in pretty handy especially when piercing printed felt which is much tougher material.

After you get the LED leads through the flowers, slide the battery between the leads with the negative side facing the cathode and the positive side facing the longer lead (anode).

While holding the leads in place, take one green round label and place it on one side of the battery, attaching the lead at the same time.  Try to center the label on the battery the best you can.  Then, place the other label on the other side, sandwiching the battery between them.


Finally, you’ll be adding the chenille stem.  Bend it a third of the way from the top making a narrow candy cane.  Hook the stem just above the battery but below the flowers and twist a few times to secure it.


Then bend the short end of the stem so that it lines up the other stem and then twist tightly just underneath the battery. Keep twisting till you have secured the loose end, intertwining it with the main stem.