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Make a Foam Flower with a LED Panel


With this 3V/2V LED panel by seeed studio, you can create a fun, light up, foam flower.

Materials Needed:

  • 3V or 2V LED panel by seed studio
  • 2 large foam flowers
  • basic soldering supplies
  • scissor
  • screwdriver
  • tape



Decide how you want to arrange the foam flowers and the relative position of the panel. Arrange the LEDs on the panel and adjust to your liking.  You may want to hold it up over the flowers to get a better feel of how things will look.  Solder your LEDs and screw down connector. (2V panel includes a resistor that must be soldered too).


With your finished panel, press the back of your panel onto the foam flowers to make an imprint of where the connector (and resistor) will lay.  Be sure to press hard enough to imprint both flowers.  Mark around the edges, leaving extra room where the wires will need to be fed into the connector.  Cut the area out.  Use the top flower as template and mark the hole for the second flower and then cut.


Position the panel on flowers with the connector (and resistor)  fitting through the hole you just cut. Then flip it over with the back of the flower and connector facing you. Connect the power supply and coil the excess wire between the two flowers and tape them down. Then, tape the flowers down to secure them.  You should have just enough wire through the second flower to be able to maneuver the battery pack.


With the power connected, just add your batteries and voila!