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Pi Pals Rescue Mission: Help Fix Chip’s Circuits

Help Chip fix his circuits and make it to the Maker Faire on time.

Pi Pals Rescue Mission: Fix Chip’s Circuit is an introduction to paper circuits.  What are paper circuits?  It is electrical circuits that are made with paper and graphite.  In this coloring activity book, Chip talks a little about conductivity, the electrical components used and the different rudimentary types of circuits.  It’s a fun story geared toward introducing concepts to the Young Maker or the beginner Maker.  Follow Chip and his adventures as he travels the galaxy in search of Maker Faires.

Chip has crashed and needs your help to fix his circuitry.  Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about electronics.  Chip can’t move but he can tell you what you need to do.  This activity book also comes with all the part you need to build the circuits.  With graphite, a few electrical components and a battery, you will be creating working circuits on paper in no time! Have fun creating circuits and coloring Chip and his friends.


Signal Chip’s Ship (free activity):

Help Chip signal his ship by making a paper circuit.  You will need an LED, 9V battery and a graphite pencil.  While a regular #2 pencil might work, it is best to use a pure graphite pencil to get the best results. Click here to download activity sheet.

Fix Chip Challenges (Both challenges uses the same download)

Challenge #1: Design Circuits for Chip’s Eyes.

Now that you’ve learned how to make different types of paper circuits, download this handout and try to design circuits to connect LEDs to Chip’s eyes and make them light up.  Try different LEDs  and different designs.  First, try doing it with a different circuit for each eye.  Then, try it again with just one circuit.

Challenge #2: Hide Chip’s Eye Circuits

You will need to use the two 5mm LEDs included with your kit.  In this challenge, you will create your circuit on the back of the paper instead of on top of Chip.  This will be tricky since you will need to match up the eyes.  For extra credit, try to design the circuit so that you can put the battery on the circuit with Chip facing you.

Click here to download Fix Chip Challenge Sheet.