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Chip in arduino
Hi, My Name is Chip!
Here you can learn how to assemble my kit, build a Paper Pal version of me, and join me on other adventures.

184 very special people helped bring me to life through Kickstarter! They are some very awesome people! Meet them here on our Page of Fame.

If you missed my Kickstarter, you can get your own kit in the shop.  If you have a large group, we have Bag-O-Chips for you.

As a thank you to all our Kickstarter Campaign Backers, we created a special edition Paper Pal version of Chip. Go here for the paper instructions.
Paper Pal Chip

Chip Soldering Instructions Image
Ready to solder your Chip and Pixel Power kit together? Awesome! We will help you through it. We even have a “How to Solder” primer if you would like to review first. The how to solder your kit tutorial is here.

How about some Arduino fun? Perfect, lets get to it.
Chip is Fun

Chip for Raspberry Pi
Ready for Raspberry Pi? The Raspberry Pi course is here.

We have added community forums so that you can share your Pi Pal creations, ask for help, and share your knowledge with other. Click here for the Pi Pal & Brain Board Forum.