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Minecraft Circuits – Lesson 5 Levers

Redstone Torch & Levers

Learn about Levers

Materials Needed:

1 DIP Switch with 4 Poles
2 jumper wires
1 Resistor
4 AA Batteries
1 Battery Holder (4 AA batteries)
1 Mini Breadboard

Please note that these are very basic instructions that assumes some familiarity with electronics. However, don’t despair if you run into trouble or are a beginner. Watch the video, Minecraft Circuits in Real Life: Episode 5 Levers, for a more comprehensive instruction.


Prepare the battery holder. Insert 4 AA batteries into the holder. The black wire will be the negative side of the current whereas the red wire will be the positive side.

Insert the DIP switch with one side plugged into E1 – E5 and the other side, F1 – F5. Make sure all the levers are upright and on the off position.

Next, insert the jumper wire in J1 and J2. Take another jumper wire and insert it B2 and E10.

Insert the resistor in D10 and D14.

Then, place your LED in E14 and E15.

Insert another jumper wire in C15 and C19

Finally, insert the red wire from the battery holder into A19.

Now, to work your circuit.

Press down the first switch. Anything happen? It shouldn’t just yet.
Press down the second switch. The LED should light up.

Note: The first two switches must be on in order for the circuit to work.

Breadboard Diagram:

Episode 5 Breadboard Diagram











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