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Minecraft Circuits – Lesson 4 Buttons

Button & Redstone Torch

Pushbutton LED Circuit

Materials Needed
1 3.3 Ω 1/4 Watt Resistor
4 AA Batteries
1 Battery Holder (4 AA batteries)
1 Mini Breadboard
1 Pushbutton (Micro Momentary/ Normally Open)

Please note that these are very basic instructions that assumes some familiarity with electronics. However, don’t despair if you run into trouble or are a beginner. Watch the video, Minecraft Circuits in Real Life: Episode 4: Buttons, for a more comprehensive instructions.


Prepare the battery holder. Insert 4 AA batteries into the holder. The black wire will be the negative side of the current whereas the red wire will be the positive side.

Insert the black wire into the bottom left hole (A1) in the breadboard.

Then insert the the pushbutton with one pin in E1. The second pin on the same side should fit into E3. The other side of the switch should fit in the holes on the other side of the middle gap (top half of the breadboard) F1 and F3. Make sure the button is secure.

Next, insert one end of the resistor in the next available slot beneath the pushbutton’s second pin in D3. Then insert the other end of the resistor in D8. The resistor should remain parallel to the pushbutton.

Then, insert the negative end of the LED in the slot C8. Place the positive end of the LED in C9.

Insert the red wire from the battery holder into the slot A9 (the same row as the long end of the LED).

Finally, press down on the pushbutton.

Does your LED light up?

Breadboard Diagram:

Lesson 4 Breadboard Diagram









Circuit Schematic:


Lesson 4 Pushbutton Circuit Schematic








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