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Minecraft Circuits – Lesson 3 Redstone Realities

Redstone Torch

Create a real Redstone Torch

Materials Needed:
1 3.3 Ω 1/4 Watt Resistor
4 AA Batteries
1 Battery Holder (4 AA batteries)
1 Mini Breadboard

Please note that these are very basic instructions that assumes some familiarity with electronics. However, don’t despair if you run into trouble or are a beginner. Watch the video, Minecraft Circuits in Real Life: Episode 3 Redstone Realitiesfor a more comprehensive instruction.


Prepare the battery holder. Insert 4 AA batteries into the holder. The black wire will be the negative side of the current whereas the red wire will be the positive side.

Insert the black wire into the bottom left hole (A1) in the breadboard.

Then insert one end of your 3.3 Ω 1/4 Watt Resistor in D1 and the other in D5.

Take the LED and place the short prong (negative) in C5 and the longer prong (positive) in C6.

Insert the red wire from the battery holder into A6.

This completes your circuit. Does the LED light up?


Breadboard Diagram:

Basic LED Circuit Breadboard Diagram










Circuit Schematic:

Lesson 3 Basic LED Circuit Schematic









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