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Minecraft Circuits in Real Life

Minecraft Circuits in Real Life Kit

Current Developments

Lesson 7 is now available though the video will be posted at a later date. It is a quick introduction to transistors. This simple circuit will allow you to get acquainted with transistors, particularly a bipolar NPN transistor before we delve deeper into using transistors involving digital logic in the next lessons.

We’re still working on the Rick’s Redstone Ranch, our Minecraft Circuits in Real Life server. A few minor adjustments and we’ll be ready for visitors.

We will keep you posted of any updates and announcements.  In the meantime, please feel free to browse our current lessons that introduce Minecraft and Basic Electronics.  You will be able to create basic circuits in no time.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Redstone
A quick overview of the Redstone components in Minecraft that are used in the Basic Electronics models.

Lesson 2: Real Life Introduction
Introduction to the electrical components used in the lessons and included in the kit.

Lesson 3: Redstone Realities
In this lesson, you will build a Basic Electronics version of a Redstone torch.

Lesson 4: Buttons
Building on Lesson 3, you will be adding a pushbutton to your Redstone torch/LED circuit.

Lesson 5: Levers
Using a 4 channel DIP switch, you will begin to wire a rudimentary AND gate.

Lesson 6: Pushbuttons in Series
This lesson will show you how to create an AND gate using two pushbuttons.

Lesson 7: Transistor Pushbutton
This circuit will show you how to handle a NPN transistor.

 Stay tuned!  More to come.

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About Minecraft Circuits in Real Life

Minecraft Circuits in Real Life, a winner of 2013 World Maker Fair Educators Choice Award, was initially created by by Bill French at FUBAR Labs and has been further developed by Rick Anderson, founder of FUBAR Labs and author of Pro Arduino. MCIRL has evolved into a series of  guided workshops that will take you from game to breadboard with this lesson series.


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