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Soldering the Pixel Pi Adapter (Preview)

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The Pixel Pi Adaptor allows you to plug Chip, and future Pi Pals, right on the Raspberry Pi. We will cover how to build it and the correct way to plug it into your Raspberry Pi.

Chip for Raspberry Pi
Before starting we suggest reading through all the instructions first and make sure you are all ready. If you have not soldered before, and would like a good resource, we suggest you check out our Soldering Tutorial. if you do not have tools or want personal instruction, if you are in New Jersey come on down to FUBAR Labs – or find a Makerspace in your area

Pi Pal Pi Components
Open up your kit and check that you have all the components.

Chip Safety Glasses
Before we start be sure to wear your safety glasses.  


Pi Pal Pi side view
Here is a side view of the Pi Pal Pi. We want one header to go on the the Raspberry Pi side (bottom) and the other upwards to emulate the Arduino Pins for Chip.

Let’s start with the female header for the bottom, or Raspberry Pi side. Place the header and solder. . 

Pi Pal Pi Top
Flip the PCB over and solder the header for chip in the top.

CHIP SOLDER 04 Headers
Tip: use masking or blue painters tape to hold your work while you solder.

Pixel Pi on Raspberry Pi
When you plug the Pixel Pi adapter on your Raspberry pi use the row of pins on the outside of the board (Pins 2 to 20)pins  

Pi Pal Pi side view
Here is a sideview of the Pi Pal Pi on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Plug your Pi Pal in so that it faces outward from the Raspberry Pi.


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