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Lesson 1: Introduction to Redstone (Preview)

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This episode will review the basic components used in creating a redstone circuit in Minecraft. We will also demonstrate the various different circuits that can be created.

Redstone Block


This component is the closest thing to a real life battery. It is a major power source for various devices and mechanisms e.g. torches.

Redstone Torch

Minecraft Torch

This device can be source of light or can provide a power source that can go out about 15 blocks in any direction.

Redstone Wire

Wire off

This component can be laid down to connect other blocks or form circuits. When it is dark red, it is not an active wire. When it is bright red, it is active and acts like a live wire. To activate it, connect the wire to a power source.

Live Redstone Wire Powered by Redstone Block

Wire On

Note: The wire can go about 16 blocks away from the power source.


It serves as a switch that can turn on or off. The lever can also generate power in the Minecraft World.

Differences between Lever-Block-Redstone Torch and Lever-Block

LeversLever-Block-Redstone Torch starts one block away from the block giving an extra space for wiring. It also creates an instantly live wire which can be switched off with the lever down.

The Lever-Block must have the wire run up to the stone. With the lever in the up position, the wire is dead. However, you can activate it by pushing the lever down. This is the exact opposite of the Lever-Block-Redstone Torch.

Button on a Block

Button on Block

This component must be held down in order to activate an action. Like the Lever on the Block, the wire must connect directly to the block and reach the mechanism you want to affect.

Button Activates the Gate

Button Activates the Gate

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