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Build a Paper Pal Version of Buzz (Preview)

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 Buzz Paper Pal


Here is how to build the Paper Pal version of Buzz.
You will need a few things:

  • Clear or Masking Tape
  • Scissor
  • Toothpick or something to poke a hole for the LED leads.

Buzz Paper Pal Card
Remove Buzz from the card and clean off the sticky dot.

Buzz Soldering LED Personal Eyes
Choose your color LED eyes from what you have left over after Soldering your Buzz together. 

Buzz Paper Pals Eye Holes
Make holes in the LEDs leads will go through. A toothpick works great for this. Do not make them too big, just enough to slide the LED leads through. 

Paper Pal Chip
Insert the LEDs through the card, flush. 

Buzz Paper Pals Eye Back
Fold one set of leads flush (just make sure you either fold both (-) or both (+) only) and criss-cross. This will be the battery contact later. You can use clear tape. We used masking tape .

Buzz Paper Pal Battery
 Slide the battery in and bend the other LED leads over the top side of the battery. Your LEDs should light up now. You can put a little tape over the leads if you like.

Fold the card on the “FOLD HERE” line and then fold one of the corners to add support.

Buzz Paper Pal

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