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Who is Soldering Sunday?

Soldering Sunday was originally incubated at FUBAR Labs in Highland Park, NJ.  Excited by the Maker Movement and the possibilities of helping others learn the joy of making the team came together and formed Soldering Sunday.

As the Soldering Sunday team traveled to different events and Maker Faires, they found that the beginner makers and young makers were under represented.  A lot of kits and instructions were either too simplistic or too advanced.  The other hurdle was that some kits were too expensive making it inaccessible for the beginner.  As they continued to talk with novices and encourage them in their making, the team began to think of ways to alleviate these hurdles. It became clear there was a need for project focused kits that could be part of a larger learning path that would help a maker learn skills related specifically to their interests.

Soldering Sunday’s mission is to develop kits and projects that are easy and affordable yet educational. Usability for the beginner is a top priority. Based in Central New Jersey Soldering Sunday continues to explore new ways to make, connect fellow makers and create projects.