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Holiday Sale & Gift Ideas

 Stocking Stuffers

What a great way to celebrate the season then with a kit for the Maker in your life. Perfect for your holiday decorations.
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Gifts for Makers of Any Age

[products skus=”KT-ETXT110, ECK-0010, 3001-ST, KT-ETX, PixelPal-BK-001PT,KT-ETX301,KT-ELST101-3,KT-ETXT110,KT-ETX102″]

The Gift of Light

Pixel Bits are our smart LEDs that have a chip inside so that you can control them easily. Or choose from one of our LED sampler packs. Looking to control LEDs, try the easiest way with an LED Magician.<
[products skus=”Pxl-v2-5-,Pxl-v2-8-, KT-LED3001, 3050″]

Give the Gift of ARDUINO

The Arduino Project Handbook has 188 full color pages packed with 45 exciting and practical Arduino projects. A lie detector, programmable rocket launcher, motion sensor alarm, reaction timer, electronic dice, keypad entry system, laser trip wire alarm, robot, Wireless ID card system, range finder and defuseable bomb game are just some of the cool projects that this book will demonstrate how to build.

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We have put together kits and combos so that you you can go from the pages of the book right to project creation.  You can buy kits and components individually or you can save even more with our combos. Combos make a great gift.

Base Kit + Light & Sound Kit + Numeric Counters Kit
+ Arduino Uno R3 clone+ USB Cable
+ Arduino Project Handbook

combo price is only

[add_to_cart sku=”APH-CMB-01″]

FREE Arduino Project Handbook
Base Kite + Light & Sound Kit + Numeric Counters Kit
+Motion & Sensor Kit + Robot Car Kit + LCD Screen Kit
+ Samuraiduino Uno R3 + USB Cable

combo price is only

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[products skus=”BK-APH-01, APH-KT-00, APH-KT-01, APH-KT-02, APH-KT-03, APH-KT-04, APH-KT-05,SAM-UNO-R3″ columns=”3]”


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