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Flower Power Assembly Instructions


Materials Needed:

  • (2) felt flowers
  • (1) 5mm LED
  • (1) chenille stem
  • (1) coin cell battery
  • (1) green round labels



Step 1: Set up the flowers in the order you wish and slide the LED through the middle of both layers.








Step 2: Turn the flower upside down with the LED legs facing you.



Step 3: Place the coin cell battery between the LED legs with the positive side (flat shiny side) touching the longer leg.  The LED should light up.  If it doesn’t, try flipping the battery to the other side.



Note: If your LED leads (aka legs) are longer than the battery, bend the down so they are flush to the battery.


Step 4: Peel the large round label from the backing and place it on the battery as shown below.  It will trap the LED leg maintaining contact to the battery.

IMG_2714 IMG_2715

Step 5:  Fold the label in half over the battery onto itself making a little taco with the LED and battery inside.  Press firmly around the battery.


Step 6: Fold both flaps towards the center.



Step 7:  Lay the chenille stem horizontally on your work surface.  Place the flower about 1/3 of the way from the end.


Step 8: Twist the shorter end around the base of the flower (between the battery and the flower).


Step 9:  Twist the chenille stem so that it runs vertically with the battery in between the two ends.


Step 10: Now, secure the battery by twisting the two ends of the chenille stem at the base of the battery.  Then twist the remaining part of the short end of the stem onto the longer end.

IMG_2733 IMG_2737










Voila!  You’ve made an LED Flower!