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OK, Go Behind the scenes of The Writing’s On The Wall

Can we just make it official?! OK, Go IS the official band of the Maker Movement. How do we vote on this?  Since 2006 with their  “Here It Goes Again”  hit video they have grown right along side the maker Movement and continue to create feel good, artistic videos that inspire and innovate. OK, Go has innovated with practical visuals,  they love to make stuff, and in their latest video they show how art and ingenuity can combine to create a really amazing visual experience. Oh, and “The Writing’s on The Wall” is shot in one continuous shot with no edits. Wow! Seriously – how do we make this official. OK, Go the Official Band of the  Maker Movement Band!

First watch the official OK, Go The Writing’s On The Wall video:

Then watch the behind the scenes to see how they did all these visual effects without computer graphics and filmed it in a a single continuous shot. What a team effort to make it happen.



For nostalgia, lets go back to 2006. It is still a great video:



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