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Arduino Project Handbook

Full Color. Exciting. 188 pages filled with 45 projects plus more for makers of all skill levels.  Soldering Sunday is proud to be distributing the Arduino Project Handbook written and published by Mark Geddes. This book is perfect for groups, schools, libraries, makerspaces, families and individual makers alike.

Mark wrote this book because, in his words: “I like books.  I like visual books.  I like practical books.  I like books that are all of these things!  Most Arduino™ books are text heavy, have few images or those that do are in black and white.  I couldn’t find a book on the Arduino™ that was simple, practical, visually stimulating and most of all that I wanted to own as a reference (bit like a scrap book of great ideas). The internet is bursting with tutorials and articles covering the Arduino™ and what it can do but can also be frustrating.  Many of the online guides are good but usually lack any detailed visual reference and many of the YouTube guides lack the code required (I’m sure you know what I mean!) Whilst there are many great Arduino books available I couldn’t find one that was visually stimulating but practical at the same time.  I decided to experiment with the Arduino™ and create a record of my achievements that I could refer back to and share with my 10 year old son – this book is a result of that. This is the type of book I was looking for but didn’t exist, I hope that now it does, you might want it too. “



We have the book in stock, in the USA, and are offering Free shipping in the USA via Media Mail when you use the coupon “freebookshipping”


Congratulations to Mark on creating such a wonderful book!


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