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Day One of Steampunk Fair



After staying up late and bleary eyed finishing the last touches on my daughter’s costume props and my costume prop, we went up to Piscataway to check things out.  People were already up and about in full costume.  It was great.  The details on the costumes were perfect and not a hair out of place.  I’m so jealous — I can’t even comb my hair straight and I have Asian hair.  After getting the lay of the land, we went back and finished more last minutes details for our vending table.


Later, my daughter and I went up to enjoy the faire.  We donned our Friday night costumes which wasn’t the Slytherin Dress (that’s tomorrow’s dress).  She became a fan of the band, The Cog was Dead.  Then we checked out the various vendors and spent an bit.  We met some cool people and an awesome maker vendor, Cogbots.  They make wood gears and are in the process of putting out a logic puzzle kit made purely of wood gears and a puzzle board.  They are impassioned about making and STEAM.


Later, we visited a talented seamstress room vending area, Time Traveller Outfitter and I walked out of there poorer but happy with the bustle that will be a wonderful touch to the Slytherin dress. Some day I will order something for me from her.  Her work for both male and female are outstanding and classy.  It’s what drew me into her room.

The highlight of the night was at the very beginning when we were picking up vendor badges.  My daughter’s mask entranced the little baby whose mom was working the event office.  The baby put it on and was happy as a clam.  Then she grabbed my daughter’s hand and tried to lead her into the hotel.  It was so cute.  We said our good byes with a warmth in our hearts.

Tomorrow, we’ll be at the fair bright eyed and bushy tailed and at our table.  Come visit us.



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