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Steampunk Sewing Party

This upcoming weekend is the Steampunk Worlds Faire here in New Jersey  and Soldering Sunday will be there. We have been busy making Steampunk Laser Pistol kits and handmade masks. While you might not think of a steampunk event as a “maker” event – we can assure you it is. There is a lot of creativity and making going on to create costumes and props. I am always impressed by the amount of ingenuity that goes into costumes I see at events.

Our goal for the event is to connect with other steampunk fans and help them create what drives them.  As we thought about the event we tried to think what could draw new makers in, and get them inspired. We wanted something to show them that would be easy, useful, and artistic. That is when the idea for masks came about. The masks we will have at the Steam Punk Worlds Faire are the basis for an e-mask project that Jean will be highlighting in the near future.  Not everything has to have an “e” in front of it to be cool and we decided that the beauty of the patterns and the handmade quality make them special already.  Besides kits we will have some ready to wear masks for those who would like to wear them at the show.  We hope everyone enjoys them.  For the pirates and space pirates in the crowd we have our e-patches – oh, I mean eye patches.

SteamPunk Masks

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