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3V LED Panel Project: Flower Power

Today, I was in my sweatshop (also known as my workspace) soldering LEDs to the 3V LED panel from the seeed studio kit. I finally had an excuse to abscond with the hubby’s helping hands.

3V LED Panel 1

At first, I tried to use a second circuit board to hold up all the LEDs but it was a fail.  My lazy soul was a little disappointed. However, it didn’t do too badly with just a few LEDs at a time.

Helping Hands 2

It was still tricky.  You had to make sure that the LEDs lined up right.  They still tilted if you weren’t too careful and I did have to fiddle with the board a bit from time to time.

Helping Hands with Helping Circuit Board

In the end, it was worth it.  It help me solder several LEDs in quick succession until enough LEDs were soldered to hold up the panel on its own.

And my final product……



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