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Playing Around with Felt and Components

Efeltie Flower Hair Tie

Today, I started working on an E-Feltie hair tie.  Besides being a cute girly crafty project, I also wanted to play around with basic components and adapt them for E-Textiles.  While I was able to do so with regular LEDs with no problem, the battery holder from a chain store was another matter.

One of the problem I encountered was that the pins were very short and hard to secure onto the felt.  In fact, you had to carefully bend it and hope it didn’t pull through the felt.  The short pins also made it tricky to loop the conductive thread onto the pins.  The thread kept slipping out.  Once that was worked out, the bulk of the holder and the holder clip were the only project bumps that remained.

E Feltie Hair Tie

The bulkiness of the battery holder made it hard to create an aesthetically pleasing pocket to protect my hair and the battery.  The clip while a very good one, also prevented me from being able to easily slip the battery in and out (since I didn’t have a switch sewn in).

All and all, I was able to get the flower to work with the basic components.  However, I am spoiled by the E-Textile components on the market.

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